Another review!

Just got another great 5-star review on Amazon:

“The book follows a remarkable search for family roots hidden in a series of love letters from a soldier far from home during World War II. But it is also a detective story narrating the search of a daughter for the father she hardly knew. Well written, it explains the social and historical context behind the search for a family’s roots and identity and gives a very personal flavor to a traumatic time. Particularly interesting was the re-connection with the family that Bill connected with in Morocco many decades before, and the changes that have taken place in the succeeding years.”

A photo taken while stationed in Foggia,Italy

A photo taken of Dad while stationed in Foggia, Italy, 1944


Another great review!

“What a journey! I feel like I’ve experienced the whole search with Jan, from the moment her father died, to reading the letters years later, to reading into the romantic heart of her father during WW2, to finding the connections to the photographs he took, and lastly the letter Jan wrote to her father… The writing and story flowed like a fiction book, although it is non-fiction. That I applaud greatly! The author has certainly received her father’s writing style. The letters were amazing… All the amazing connections. I was flabbergasted by how many things Jan found about her father by simply exploring into his letters!!
Jan’s love for her father was beautiful and that focus was a huge focus throughout the book. I loved the descriptions of the 1950s and WW2 that the author included into this book. It made you feel the time setting…beautiful!”

Dad, Jan, Steven, and Alan, c.1957

Dad, Jan, Steven, and Alan, c.1957

The Book Goes Down Under…

The book challenge begins… My friend Liz Wareing posted this picture all the way from her beach home north of Sydney, Australia–that’s 7788 miles. I’m not focused on the miles as much as all the places the book is photographed. Think telltale backgrounds. Liz Warring photo

Round-trip: Phoenix/Madrid

I never expected to be the first one to post a photo for my own challenge. But when the book that I mailed to niece Zoey (now living in Madrid) three months ago was returned, I couldn’t resist. Due to one incorrect number in the zip code, it made an 11,200 mile round-trip journey, and certainly displays the telltale signs of wear and tear from that harrowing ordeal. So now I’m anxious to see if anyone can beat that mileage….Post those photos and let me know how far the book has traveled.Zoey's book 1

Oh, the Places You’ll Go…

It suddenly occurred to me when I posted the unexpected photo of my book sitting on a beach chair in San Diego sent to me by a friend last week–what if everyone who read the book did the same thing? Since the book is about my own personal journey that took me as far away as Morocco, wouldn’t it be interesting to see where the book itself travels to? Between the places where my readers live and the possible vacation spots it gets taken to, it could make for a great epilogue. Be creative — be geographically explicit…

Looking forward to seeing what happens!Book on beach!