You must remember this: Sultan Mohammed V protected the Jews of Casablanca

This article just appeared in the Los Angeles Times. It seemed quite timely, since I had just been in Los Angeles for the Book Festival this past weekend, and in one part of Love, Bill (pages 276-285) I discuss this very same aspect of Jewish-Moroccan history. The article discusses the vital role that the young Sultan Mohammed V played in the protection of the Jews of Morocco against Nazi antisemitism. When being pressured to assist in the persecution of his own Jewish citizens, he bravely and publicly declined to cooperate. “There are no Jews in Morocco,” he declared. “There are only Moroccan subjects.”

What is even more amazing, is that Dad took photographs of Mohammed V while he was stationed in Morocco!

King Mohammed V (left), Morocco, 1943
Photo by Bill Krulick

King Mohammed V (center), Morocco, 1943
Photo by Bill Krulick


Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Well, I made it to my very first book festival this past weekend! I was one of nine intrepid Phoenix authors to share a booth at this past weekend’s Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. It supposedly hosts 150,000 book lovers over the two-day event. My plan was to share booth duties as well as get around to other booths to check out potential networking possibilities on Day Two. Good news, I sold 7 books! Bad news, I had a case of food poisoning Saturday night, which left me too drained to make my way around the festival on Sunday. I remained booth-bound. But all in all, I consider the trip to have been a success. I had a great time getting to know my fellow authors better, and the atmosphere was wonderfully upbeat. I had interesting discussions with the visitors to our booth, including other folks interested in writing memoirs, and especially other owners of parents’/grandparents’ love letters. It’s encouraging to know that there are people out there who still revere the actual printed book!

LA Times Book Festival booth

LA Times Book Festival DIsplay


California, here I come!

California, here I come! I will be at the Los Angeles Book Festival next weekend (April 22-23) on the USC campus. I will be sharing a booth (#025 – Cardinal) with eight other Phoenix authors. My shifts will be around 10:30am-3pm each day. If you are in the area, please stop by and say hello.

LA Book Festival

Love, Bill

2017 Top Female Authors Award

I have just been nominated for the 2017 Top Female Authors Award presented by “The Authors Show.” The award is given to self-published female authors. Winners will be announced June 30, 2017. Keep your fingers crossed!