Sarton Women’s Book Awards Update

Love, BillĀ came in second in the Biography/Memoir category of the 2017 Sarton Women’s Book Awards. The organizers wrote: “This year’s competition attracted an exceptionally strong field of entries. Each entry gave us a different glimpse into women’s lives and offered a strong and unique woman’s voice. Every author deserves to be honored for her willingness to risk sharing her work.”

Each honor I have received up to this point has been an exciting validation of the book . I have been very humbled and encouraged. Who knows where this all goes next?!

Love, Bill


It’s Official: Book Award Finalist

Love, BillĀ  was named a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards Contest for “Best Cover Design Non-Fiction.” It didn’t win, but it’s a great start. Here’s hoping that there are more awards to come! It has been entered into other contests for Design, Memoir, Non-Fiction, and First Publication.

Award certificate